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Dongguan Dawang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wire and cable and new energy automation equipment manufacturer. It is located in beautiful Dongguan, Guangdong. The company has obtained many patents, utility model patents and appearance patents.
Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been following the principle of continuous innovation and excellence. Over the years, it has continuously researched and created high-end automation equipment, cultivated a large number of highly qualified professionals, and laid a solid foundation for ensuring product quality....
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    Have you ever met a customer for home inspection?On April 10, the fully automatic protector touch welder customized by the customer in our company (Dongguan Dawang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd....
    Terminal machines can be classified as Automatic terminal machine Moving terminal machine Ultra quiet terminal machine Universal terminal machine, continuous terminal cutting pin machine,...
    silent terminal machine, the machine comes with a set of mold and a set of blades. Before shipment, it has been debugged...
    in general, one blade is used for one terminal, and several blades are used for several terminals. Because the blade edge of...
    the commonly used terminals can be mailed. Ph2.0 xh2.54 vh3.96 ch3.96 DuPont 2.54 SM 2510 2.8 and so on can use 1t or...
    straight terminals are connected end to end......
    1t is that the connecting machine can only press the horizontal joint terminal. The meaning of the connecting machine is that the...
    Professional automatic terminal machine equipment
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