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Dw-880h automatic sheath wire stripping machine
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Product video
Product video
Description of characteristics
Description of characteristics
This machine is mainly used to cut and peel round sheathed cable, flat sheathed cable and special single core wire. It can cut and peel the outer skin and core wire of the whole reel of cable at one time. According to the required length, the peeling can be cut and peeled without damaging the outer skin and conductor. The sheathed core wire can be finished on this machine at one time, which can save labor cost and improve processing quality to the maximum extent. Mobile tool holder, cutting and peeling are completed with different tools respectively, with neat cut, stable peeling quality and higher belt feeding accuracy, thus greatly improving efficiency. With up to 100 kinds of storage capacity, all kinds of processing data can be saved completely and retrieved at any time.
Product parameters
Product parameters

Conductor type:

Multicore cable

Machining diameter:

2-10 mm (1-5 inner cores)

Cut length:

0.5mm-9999.9mm, and the middle skin is larger than 120mm

Maximum peeling capacity of skin:

Front 200 mm rear 150 mm

Core stripping length:

Front end 30mm rear end 30mm

Conduit diameter:


Stripping speed:

500pcs / h (wire length 400mm)

Driving mode:

Belt feeding, 8-wheel drive, independent drive box drive

Display mode:

touch screen


4 pieces of material: imported high-speed steel



Air pressure:


Boundary dimension:




plant and equipment
plant and equipment
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